About Me

My mission is to express my willingness to learn, ability to problem solve and passion to encourage others by saying yes to new opportunities, always keeping my mind challenged and proactively investing in the lives around me.

This is My Story

Before I turned one, my parents recognized my keen interest in “pushing buttons”.  As I grew older, my parents would often find me wiring something in my bedroom or taking things apart to see how it worked. I was obviously wired to become a “tech guy”.

My Passion for Technology

Unlike most people, I like it when things don’t work.  My brain loves the challenge of fixing things or inventing new ways to use technologies.

During my high school years, I spent my free time dreaming up all kinds of projects such as creating servers, designing websites or creating programs. My peers and teachers quickly recognized me as “the tech guy” and gave me the responsibility to lead Surrey Christian School’s sound team and to participate in various IT initiatives.

My Passion for Music

Music has always been a big part of my life.  My parents saw the value in learning music and started me in piano when I was five years old.  Ten years later, I completed the Royal Conservatory of Music level eight exam.  I now thoroughly enjoy jamming on the piano or playing on the worship team at my church.

My Passion for Teaching

I first discovered my passion for public speaking and my love for educating others when I won my first speech contest in grade five. Two years later I dreamt up a way to share my fascination with technology.  In October 2009, I launched a YouTube channel under the name Technologycrazy and to my surprise, people around the globe started to engage.   For the next five years I continued to film, edit, produce and market 135 videos on all sorts of IT topics which have been viewed in excess of 6.4 million times.

My Passion to Lead

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed bring people together to work together.   I followed my passion for leadership by leading the Surrey Christian Sound Team from 2012-2014 and the Trinity Western University Sound/Media team from 2015-2016.

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